The Jack Henry Loan Marketplace Trading and Participations Simplified.

The market for loan trading and participation hasn’t changed for decades. But what if you could access its many ripe opportunities online with unbiased access, complete transparency, and technology-driven efficiency?

Now you can with the new Jack Henry Loan Marketplace. Buy, sell, and participate loans utilizing a fully digital and mobile-friendly experience that’s at your fingertips 24/7. Sell/access both performing and non-performing assets in any loan class as single loans, pooled whole loans, or loan participations.

Select loan listing type.


Browse the industry’s only true online marketplace by filtering opportunities from over 1,000+ institutions across all 50 states.

Find your opportunity by filtering for metrics like asset class, product type, geography, loan amounts and counts, FICO, DTI, DSCR, and other credit metrics.

First, our platform automatically cracks your tape or automatically pulls your data from any JHA core. Then, using artificial intelligence technology, our engine automatically prospects loan listings across thousands of institutions in positions to either buy, sell, or participate.


Our online transaction wizard has rethought the workflows of whole loan trading and participation from the ground-up! Some key features include:
  • All communication via chat and conference calls is archived.
  • Pricing and fees are transparent and visible to all relevant parties, whether buyer, seller, or participant.
  • And with direct integration into your core and/or LOS, due diligence document transfer times are sometimes reduced to minutes!

Leverage our processes to execute trades quicker than ever before: automatic tape upload, bid and yield analysis, full communication and deal timeline, secure data warehouse tools, and more.